About Michael P. Gadomski

Michael P. Gadomski is a professional photographer and writer living in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains.  Growing up in the Poconos he explored the nearby forest, lakes, and wetlands as a child and developed a keen interest and love for the natural world at an early age.

While in college he became interested in photography and started to combine his interest in the natural environment with photography. He was accepted by several stock photography agencies in the early 1970s and began seeing his articles and photography published in several magazines and other publications. For 25 years he was also employed as a park ranger and naturalist by the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks. In 2002 he left the State Park Service to devote himself to a full time photography career.

Although landscapes are his specialty he is also accomplished in other venues of photography including travel, micro, wildlife, lifestyles, and people. Because he takes a naturalistic approach to photography the vast majority of his subject are illuminated in natural light.

He has photographed from aircraft; kayaks, from steep rock ledges, and often while wading in waist deep mud and water. He has returned from photo shoots with broken bones, twisted ankles, numerous bee strings, and various cuts and lacerations. His collection of broken cameras and lens attest to the extreme conditions he has challenged to get the right shot.

Often working on the edge to get lighting or compositions not often seen by the casual observer, his images often take on an artistic or abstract characteristic. At other times his images are of a pure journalistic nature and frequently used by editorial publishers. His images have been used by hundreds of publishers and have been published worldwide.
For more information please email: mpgadomski@earthlink.net

Ethics: A personal code of ethic is always followed.  The best interest of the subject always comes first and is respected.  Additionally the rules and regulations that apply to the land to the land being photographed are respected and followed. As a Charter Member of the North American Nature Photographers Association their “PRINCIPLES OF ETHICAL FIELD PRACTICES” is strictly followed.




My photographs, unless clearly specified, are a true representation of the subject and are not altered in post-production. The use of Photoshop and other digital processing programs are only to develop the original RAW capture or transparency scan. All animals are free and wild and if an animal is photographed under captive conditions, such as zoos, it will be noted. The animal’s safety comes first and if stressed shooting will immediately end. Unless the work requires candid photographs of people or people who are in a public performance, all subjects are asked permission prior to being photographed and the model’s safety, dignity, and well-being are held in the highest degree.